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Technology Solutions

Flexible and efficient solutions tailored to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Our global web based platform provides an integrated approach to efficiently manage your supply chain.

Global Logistics Software
RIM logistics

Our global platform puts productivity at the center of the supply chain by integrating forwarding, Customs, CFS and warehousing into a single system visible to all offices around the world. Our clients see what we see. Process automation throughout the lifecycle of an order or shipment allows RIM to provide strategic solutions for our clients’ long-term supply chain planning.

  • Automated tracking and milestones from steamship lines, airlines, Customs and port authorities as well as other service providers delivers real time information.
  • The ability to tailor forms and reports to match our customer’s requirements gives RIM the flexibility to handle any transportation needs so our clients can focus on running their business.
  • Global Customs and compliance built into the system to safeguard your cargo in transport to anywhere in the world.
  • Quick and easy tariff classification to streamline our Customs clearance process making it an accurate and efficient process.
  • Global rate management system allows our customers and staff 24/7 access to our ocean contracts. Automated data export allows RIM’s staff to turnaround complex RFQ’s in minutes, not days. This web based service allows customers to approve a rate and request a booking online from anywhere, anytime.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
RIM logistics

RIM’s WMS is a comprehensive management system offering complete visibility and inventory control for your operations. From small pick and pack operation to multi-warehouse solutions, our system is configured to meet your needs and plan for future growth.

  • Automated interface increases data accuracy and reduces administrative costs.
  • Web based platform for tracking and inventory management allows you to enter orders, view status and inventory balances 24/7.
  • Reporting capabilities track live inventory and can be accessed online at any time.
  • Utilization of RF scan guns increases picking and inventory accuracy.
  • Integrated small parcel shipping solutions with UPS and FedEx.
  • One click tracking with carriers through our web-based solution.
  • Ability to integrate with other systems to permit flat file transfers for order importing and tracking/cost exporting.
Purchase Order Management
RIM logistics

Our PO Management system provides an end-to-end solution for your supply chain. From the time an order is placed, our order management solution provides lead times, ready dates and tracking info instantaneously.

  • Manage your inventory with visibility to incoming and outgoing shipments tied to your purchase orders.
  • Flexibility to track the order as a whole or drill down to individual line items or units depending on what solution you need for your business.
  • Item data connects to our global forwarding system streamlining the import or export Customs clearance process.
  • Supply chain analytics provide vendors performance and landed cost metrics to assist with planning for the growth of your business.
RIM TMS and Carrier Management
RIM logistics

RIM TMS is a next generation domestic transportation management system capable of handling shipments in any vertical across any mode of transport. It combines operational efficiency, powerful optimization features, and data analytics to bring a competitive edge to your logistics business.

  • Instant price quotes via the RIM TMS rate shop tool
  • Book your freight online
  • Print your BOL with a few simple clicks
  • Track your shipments in real time with automated EDI updates
  • A-to-Z Domestic Freight Management
  • RIM logistics Carrier Network
  • Systems Integration
  • Complete data reporting and cutting edge analytics
EDI Automation
RIM logistics

RIM understands the need for information to move seamlessly throughout the supply chain. We have the systems and expertise to help automate your business. Quickly becoming the standard for B2B communication, EDI exchanges are proven to increase the speed and accuracy of information while also lowering operating costs.

  • Automating the exchange of data across the supply chain ensures that critical information is sent timely and is traceable, giving immediate visibility to the transaction status.
  • Integration with RIM’s core carriers, Customs authorities and other service providers supports up to date and accurate tracking information for your shipment.
  • EDI exchanges between our clients and their vendors or suppliers speeds up the business cycle by managing inventory or purchase orders without time consuming processes and spreadsheets.
  • Any-to-any mapping solutions allow data translation to virtually any system.