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Risk Management and Insurance

We are committed to continuously guiding our customers and supporting the development of customized preparedness plans in all areas of risk and insurance. 

Our team of Risk Management and Insurance experts work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their business model, their sourcing and demand, their inventory cycles and their finance requirements while evaluating where exposure to vulnerabilities may exist. We will help you to reduce your risk, insure against unforeseen circumstances, and maximize your bottom line.

Risk Management Consulting
RIM logistics

A single interruption can have rippling effects across your entire supply chain. It can impact your customer satisfaction, prevent you from meeting contractual obligations, affect your credibility and ultimately drive down your profitability. 

RIM logistics’ team of Risk Management and Insurance experts help our clients every day to tackle the issues, using defined risk analytics and case modeling to predict probability factors based on event types. We take a preemptive, three-dimensional approach to the preservation of your supply chain, production and fulfillment requirements. 

A Deep Understanding

  • Identifies and quantifies financial exposures
  • Opens risk management communication channels
  • Determines requirements for business survival

A Dedicated Focus

  • Provides vital information to make more precise decisions regarding risk retention and transfer
  • Identifies risk improvement, business resilience and business continuity strategies
  • Prioritizes risk management resources

Strengthened Business Resilience

  • Raises the profile of risk management across the business
  • Enhances confidence
  • Drives business continuity 
RIM logistics

Disasters and occurrences beyond our control are sometimes unavoidable in the transport of goods. Ensuring your financial risks are minimized takes a burden off your supply chain and reduces the financial devastation that a single occurrence can cause. 

Regardless of your mode of transport, traditional carrier liability is limited. Local and international law, as well as conventions governing your contracts of carriage often exclude or limit the claims compensation available to you. By incorporating your transports needs and risk exposure, RIM logistics’ Risk Management experts can provide you with customized insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.

At RIM logistics ltd. our Insurance benefits include

  • Compensation up to the full insured value of your goods, regardless of cause
  • Competitive premiums
  • All Risk Coverage
  • Expert risk analysis 
  • Professional handling of claims
  • Fast and easy claims resolution
  • Spot Insurance
  • Blanket policies