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CFS Services

When your shipment needs to be consolidated, de-consolidated, or staged between transport legs our Container Freight Station service will exceed your expectations.

With a customer service focused staff that is experienced in both Air and Ocean transportation services, RIM is your one-stop partner for all your freight handling needs. We offer unparalleled origin and destination services in order to make your freight quickly available for its next leg in the transportation cycle.

A Partner You Can Count On
RIM logistics

At RIM, we understand that timing is critical when it comes to handling our clients’ freight. Our services are measurable, and we pride ourselves on maintaining solid metrics and analytics for the work that we do. Does your CFS today have a positive impact on your freight movement cycle times? If not, RIM can help.

Service Offerings
RIM logistics

RIM offers a wide array of CFS services to help reduce your product turnaround time, and optimize your shipping cycle. We will work with you to develop a customized solution to meet your needs and drive you growth.

At the CFS Services 

  • Expedited breakdown and availability of import freight
  • Airport Transfers to include loose cargo, air sheets and ULD
  • Verifying and supplying weight, dimensions and proper labeling
  • Client Web-Portal access for timely up to date information
  • TSA certified CCFS utilizing ETD (Explosive Trace Detection)
  • Customer service representatives who continually exceed all
  • Air Sheet and Container build and consolidations programs
  • Ability to handle Full Container Load (FCL), Less Container Load
    (LCL), Break Bulk, Heavy Cargo and Oversized Cargo
  • Easy pickup and drop-off
  • Cross Trade
  • Fully Secured facility with camera monitoring and TSA certified
  • Packing and Crating services onsite.
  • Detailed on-handing including weighing, dimensions, labeling, and
    cargo sorting