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RIM Logistics

At RIM, our employees are the lifeblood of our organization. We believe that having the right team of talented and motivated individuals is critical to success. If you are interested in joining a special and exciting environment where you will be given unparalleled support in the development of your career as well as the chance to make a meaningful impact to the development of the company you work for, then RIM may be the place for you.


Our company was founded on family value traditions, and they are the core of our operations. Our success has been in our united strength, mutual respect, and embracement of diversity in thought, culture, and experience. At RIM, you will find an environment where these values shine through in all aspects of our work, and are used as the cornerstones of our innovation and success.


We are a rapidly growing global logistics company looking for dedicated individuals with a positive outlook, and who are interested in working in a collaborative and open environment. Working at RIM you will find a purposeful culture where your individual strengths will be combined with the expertise and passion of those you work with to create a strong team environment. With a vast array of services and areas of expertise offered, RIM has a variety of career opportunities at each of our global locations which may be the right fit for you.


We are looking for experienced and passionate individuals to join our dynamic teams of logistics professionals. All areas of expertise are in demand and are valued. In joining RIM you will be joining an environment where your individual contributions will be recognized and rewarded, and the continued development of your careers and strengths will remain a focus.


Join an exciting and innovative company that is dedicated to providing you with the skill-set, training, and support needed for the foundation of a successful career. At RIM you will find a culture that develops and creates opportunities for every employee to perform and expand their horizons. We are looking for bright and passionate recruits with a good attitude, and a strong desire to contribute and grow.

For more information on career opportunities at RIM please contact us.


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