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On Sunday evening, news broke that the United States and Canada, before the President’s deadline, reached agreement on a key number of items to move forward with a new North American Free Trade Agreement. More of those details have surfaced and the proposed agreement requires ratification by the governments of both countries, but here are […]

As the “trade war” continues for goods being imported into the United States, in conjunction with retaliatory efforts in specific countries, we are announcing an immediate change in our duty and tax outlay policy. Effective Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, RIM logistics, ltd. will be issuing a secondary invoice for outlaid duty and tax amounts in excess of $5,000. This secondary invoice will be due for […]

On September 17, 2018, President Trump announced an additional ten percent (10%) tariff that will be imposed on imports from China. This tariff will be effective September 24, 2018. This tariff applies to List 3, which contains 5,745 tariff lines (US Tariff List 09172018). This tariff is then scheduled to be increased to twenty five […]

The center of Tropical Depression Florence has left the Carolinas, but the chaos that the storm unleashed continues to plague the region.  Days of record-breaking rain have already pushed rivers over their banks, and water levels are not expected to recede fully for days to come.  Authorities, first responders and volunteer workers in North and […]

Please be advised that Super Typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong and Southern China on Sunday morning with sustained winds of 160 KM/H and wind gusts up to 225 KM/H. The total damage is still being assessed. Mangkhut may be the most powerful storm ever recorded, since reporting started in 1946, to hit the Hong Kong […]

Hurricane Florence This morning, Hurricane Florence made landfall around Wilmington, NC. Current sustained winds are 85/90 MPH with gusts over 100 MPH. This storm has essentially stalled on the beach with the eyewall migrating back and forth over land and water. This will cause the storm to remain very dangerous throughout the rest of today […]

Please note that Hurricane Florence is developing into what forecasters believe to be a catastrophic weather event for the US East Coast later this week. Hurricane Florence, currently a Category 3 hurricane, is forecasted to evolve into a dangerous Category 4 hurricane prior to US landfall. Category 4 hurricanes are both rare and deadly.  The last Category […]