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Over a dinner of sirloin and salad Saturday night in Argentina, the American and Chinese delegations sat across the table from one another, presumably to make some headway in the tit-for-tat exchange of trade actions that have plagued importers and exporters in both countries. Getting to market has gotten more expensive – assuming the market […]

US importers received news this weekend that an important agreement has been struck to temporarily put on hold the pending January 1 tariff increases on goods from China to the U.S.  The pending 25 percent tariff increases wreaked havoc on this year’s peak season with ocean rates from the Asia to the U.S. hitting five-year […]

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) has been warning UPS Freight customers of potential delays. On Monday, November, 12, 2018, 11,000 UPS Freight workers, members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union, may go on strike. UPS posted a warning on its website that the company has already taken precautions against shipping delays by stopping to accept new pickups and […]

The 2018 Trans Pacific peak season has continued to break away from conventional trends as we have seen shippers importing into the US at record levels ahead of the Trump administration tariffs deadlines. In addition to the tariffs, there are other significant factors at play fueling this unprecedented market, including: a robust US economy, crude […]

GKG Law California Trucker Liability

On Sunday evening, news broke that the United States and Canada, before the President’s deadline, reached agreement on a key number of items to move forward with a new North American Free Trade Agreement. More of those details have surfaced and the proposed agreement requires ratification by the governments of both countries, but here are […]