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According to the Ministry of Commerce’s Announcement No. 55 of 2018 and the Notice of the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council on Adding Tariffs to Imported Goods of About US$16 Billion from the United States (Announcement of the Taxation Committee [2018] No. 7), Please find below the revised List 2 of the tariff-added […]

US importers and exporters alike have been attempting to cope with the impact of the findings of the Section 301 investigation against China which have led to the imposition of additional duties of As published on the USTR’s website on July 6th, exclusions can be requested from Section 301 duties. If approved, the exclusions will […]

Whether you are your company’s Chief Technology Officer or you are just somebody watching the news and reading trade publications, you’ve seen a number of things written and talked about the issue of blockchain. One of the most early and notable discussions of blockchain came courtesy of an announced partnership between IBM and Maersk. Before […]