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The United States Trade Representative (USTR) annually releases a report called the Notorious Markets list which spotlights global piracy and counterfeiting. This list is a combination of both online and physical markets where American manufacturers, companies or brands are hurt by intellectual property rights violations. Alibaba’s reaction to their Chinese online marketplace being listed was […]

Under the Trade Enforcement and Trade Facilitation Act, all products made by forced labor, including child labor, are prohibited entry into the United States. CBP set up a page on their site which links to all the enforcement provisions of TFTEA, including three elements on forced labor including an informative FAQ. CBP provides as a […]


Customs and Border Protection has a number of outreach events they undertake through the calendar year. In addition to a conference focused on CTPAT, the agency also offers symposia on both coasts, East and West. Last week, CBP hosted their East Coast Trade Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a major event for the agency […]

The generalized System of Preferences is a program authorized by Congress that grants duty-free status to certain products from beneficiary countries. The idea behind the program is to help developing economies establish and grow industries. Countries and products (as laid out in the General Notes of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule) are added and removed periodically […]

  In the United States, trucking plays a key role in moving goods through the supply chain. Shippers rely on an available and stable supply of trucks and truck drivers to move their cargo. Besides the tightening of capacity that we saw as a result of the hurricanes in Florida and Texas, two additional factors […]