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  Businesses and individuals carry a variety of insurance products that protect them against an unexpected loss. Why? Because either the party at fault or an Act of God cannot provide the necessary financial compensation to make them whole. Cargo owners should similarly carry cargo insurance for their goods in transit. We are having a […]

We agree that we know what the biggest story of the year was, but whether you consider the side effects of the pandemic or not, there were notable changes that happened in supply chains that heading into 2021 will make an impact into the first quarter and beyond. Our goal is to share our thoughts […]

With the inauguration of the new administration a little under two months away, the incoming President’s foreign policy team is starting to take shape. For importers and exporters who are wondering what will be carried over from the current administration, there are plenty of issues to deal with including, but not limited to, trade remedy […]

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) earlier this month announced the opening of two investigations in the country of Vietnam. Interested members of the public can submit comments through November 12th – more on that later.   A great explanation of Section 301 investigations can be found here on Wikipedia. In short, […]

There appears to be no ceiling in sight for ocean freight rates on the eastbound transpacific. Last week, the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index notched a spot rate average of nearly triple what it was when rates bottomed out in March from Asia to the West Coast, as China slowly recovered from COVID and Europe and […]

Importers and exporters already coping with reductions in their businesses from the pandemic are also fighting another battle – reduced capacity by ocean carriers on key lanes between the US, Asian and European markets. These planned and announced capacity cuts are known by the term “blank sailing”, and they serve the twin purposes of reducing […]

Every mode of cargo transport has been impacted by the COVID-19 health care emergency, but none more dramatically than air cargo. With global passenger demand drying up, airlines sharply reduced passenger schedules, and with it, large amounts of economical cargo capacity. While freighter aircraft move huge trade volumes globally, passenger bellies still fly roughly 50% […]

Nearly half of the tonnage flown by air between the United States and Europe is flown in the bellies of passenger aircraft, with all-cargo, or freighter aircraft hauling the rest. In fact, belly cargo is a bigger proportion of the air trade handled between the U.S. and Europe than between the U.S. and any other […]

The novel coronavirus which is believed to have originated in a wild animal market in Wuhan (whose population rivals Detroit) when the virus made the jump from an animal to a human. From there, it has spread throughout China and thanks to the way humans travel nowdays far and wide by plane, it is rapidly […]

The way the issue has been portrayed, it would be easy to think that the only country with whom the US trades is China. In reality, the Section 301 duties and trade remedies applied by the United States government has moved China out of the top spot, returning fellow North American neighbor Canada to its […]