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On January 1, 2020, new regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will take effect, mandating that every ship in the world must use clean fuel with a sulfur content of less than 0.5%. In order to achieve this change from the current sulfur standard of 3.5%, ocean carriers have been working towards implementing a […]

For many years, there have been concerns and complaints about the European Union (EU) and the subsidies that have been alleged to be offered to Airbus by the US Government and some industries in the US. The US won in arbitration with the World Trade Organization (WTO) on October 2, 2019, regarding the Airbus case. “For […]

Incoterms® are published by the International Chamber of Commerce and in this, their 100th year, the group has provided an update to the previously issued Incoterms® 2010. For companies doing business internationally, the Incoterms® are the guidepost by which international buyers and sellers mutually agree to terms of sale that lay out responsibility for transportation-related […]

On September 11, 2019, President Trump announced that on a “gesture of good will,” the increase in tariffs from 25% to 30% on $250 billion of Chinese goods (Lists 1-3) will be delayed by two weeks. Originally, the effective date was set for October 1, 2019. Currently, the effective date of the increase has been pushed back to October 15, 2019. […]

Dear Valued Customer, Please find as follows an overview of the latest port and rail conditions in the areas impacted by Hurricane Dorian.  PORT CONDITION LEGEND  MIAMI – Port Status: Port Condition V   Terminal Ops Status: Will resume gate and yard ops Thu Sept 05th/06:00 Marine Ops Status: Resumed Traffic and Vessel ops Tuesday Sept 03rd/19:00 PORT […]

After battering the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian is expected to get dangerously close to Florida’s east coast late Tuesday into Wednesday, with threats then shifting to Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston. Service disruptions are expected in all of the impacted areas. Please find an overview of the latest port conditions in the impacted areas, as follows: Southeast US […]

  Yesterday, the Federal Register notice was finally published, making official the Administration’s intent to move forward with 10% Section 301 duties on now two lists of remaining Chinese exports to the United States valued at an estimated $300 billion dollars.   This process was set in motion on August 1st when President Trump announced […]

We continue to see developments with the Section 301 Tariffs and want to continue to keep you informed of this dynamic situation. Background On August 18, 2017, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) initiated an investigation, under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, into the government of China’s acts, policies, […]

On August 1, 2019, President Trump announced that the U.S. will be imposing additional 10% tariffs on approximately $300 billion dollars of goods that have country of origin of China, effective September 1, 2019. The additional tariffs are being enforced due to China’s failure to hold up to previous agreements to increase purchases of agricultural […]

On July 23rd and 24th, Customs and Border Protection held their annual Trade Symposium in downtown Chicago. This is one of the two premier events that CBP puts on for the trade every year, the other being their CTPAT security conference. With 1,300 people in attendance, the two-day event was offered substantive discussions on key […]