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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RIM logistics Recognized as a Top Technology Solutions Provider ROSELLE, IL. (July 26, 2017) – RIM logistics, ltd., a leading provider of global freight forwarding and third party logistics services, was named by CIO Applications as a Top 25 Logistics Solution Provider for 2017. “We are glad to announce RIM logistics […]

    Demand for real estate is soaring as companies like Amazon and other e-commerce retailers are looking to set up distribution centers or facilities closer to the communities they are serving. This helps the supply chain cycle by reducing the time (and final mile costs) to get goods into the hands of customers, but […]

RIM logistics Recognized as a Top Technology Solutions Provider

US Trade Representative announces Administration plans for new NAFTA agreement. The North American Free Trade Agreement became law following the signing of the agreement by the then-Presidents of Canada, the United States and Mexico in 1992. It became law after ratification by the elected governments in each of the three countries, and it passed the […]

With its origins rooted in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain is technology that has been offered as a way to securely allow supply chain data to be shared without being altered or corrupted.  Many companies are looking at how the underpinning technology of blockchain can be used across other industries, and the supply chain is one […]

            Our advice? Check with RIM first to avoid costly problems during and after the import transaction. There are few surprises worse than costing out a product through the manufacturing, shipping and importation cycles and discovering retroactively that the calculation is rendered null and void by the imposition of antidumping […]

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The state of U.S. infrastructure is recognizably lacking by any number of measures. One of the more prominent groups who rate infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers, gives it a barely passing D+, a grade we wouldn’t want our children getting through a class with. The word infrastructure encompasses a variety of visible and […]

Great front page article in the Tribune’s Business Section about 9/11 loans for small businesses. Click here to read the article in its entirety.  

When is the regulation effective? July 01, 2016 What is VGM? The Verified Gross Mass – total weight of goods, packing and ocean container combined. How is VGM Determined? There are 2 methods: Weigh the entire loaded/sealed container. Weigh goods to include packing materials, skids, etc. on certified scales, then add that weight to the […]