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Tariff Updates / Duty Policy Change

As the “trade war” continues for goods being imported into the United States, in conjunction with retaliatory efforts in specific countries, we are announcing an immediate change in our duty and tax outlay policy.

Effective Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, RIM logistics, ltd. will be issuing a secondary invoice for outlaid duty and tax amounts in excess of $5,000.

This secondary invoice will be due for payment prior to completing the importation and/or delivery of goods. Your existing credit line will remain intact and used for all other charges, as it is today, assuming your account remains in good standing and within terms.

Please be advised that any per diem, demurrage or detention that incurs as a result of non-payment of duty with be your responsibility. Please note that no duty advance fee will be charged on duty over $5,000.00 per transaction.

If you would like to move your US Customs account to direct payment to US Customs, please contact your local RIM representative and we can assist with this process.  There are options that can benefit importers.

We apologize for the short notice and any inconvenience. For any questions or concerns, please contact your local office or sales representative.