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Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, upending lives, disrupting trade.


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, upending lives, disrupting trade.

RIM doing our small part to help


Even as the storms have officially moved on, the repercussions are still being felt.

Miami International Airport is slated to reopen to passenger traffic today.

Savannah Customs is closed again today following heavy rains and flooding which crippled northern Florida and affected Georgia and South Carolina and will continue through this week.

All this, even after the nation was coming to grips with the damage caused by Harvey on the Gulf Coast.


As a company, RIM has announced that they are matching all employee donations for Hurricane relief.

We even last week held a “Pie to the Face” challenge to raise money at our offices. People had the chance to purchase one of two tiers of tickets which gave them either a chance or a certainty at throwing a pie in the face of a volunteer. (Note: No seasonal fruit or cream pies were hurt during this fundraiser.)

If you are looking to make a contribution to a charitable organization on your own, we encourage you to research the group’s credentials and even take advantage of ProPublica’s guide in helping to determine their fitness.

Below is a list which appeared in this Vox article and is a good, encompassing list designed to help humans and animals alike.

American Red Cross: Usually the first group people think of when giving after a disaster. It says it is providing shelters for those displaced by Irma, and it has thousands of volunteers on the ground. You can give here. (3/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)

(A series of reports by ProPublica have raised questions as to how Red Cross uses its donations for emergency relief. You can find some of those stories here. Journalist Jonathan Katz also weighed in on the issue in an interview with Vox’s Sean Illing.)

Oxfam: The nonprofit is focusing its efforts on the Caribbean islands that were devastated by Irma. You can give here. (3/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)

Convoy of Hope: The hunger-focused group is sending meals to Haiti. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)

All Hands: This nonprofit was recommended to Vox by disasterologist Samantha Montano. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)

Global Giving: A charity crowdfunding site that is attempting to raise $2 million to be used exclusively for local relief and recovery efforts. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)

Salvation Army: The Christian charity is emphasizing its intentions to help with long-term recovery. You can give here.

Americares: The nonprofit focused on medicine and health is seeking to provide emergency medical supplies and other basic resources to first responders and others. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)

ConPRmetidos: The Puerto Rican organization, focused on public-private partnership, is aiming to raise $150,000 for relief and recovery. You can give here.

Volunteer Florida: The state-based group is accepting volunteers and donations. Learn more here.

United Way of Miami-Dade: One of the major local nonprofits that will be working on Irma recovery. You can give here.

South Florida Wildlife Center: The group is centering its efforts on animals affected by the storm. You can give here.

Brigid’s Crossing Foundation: An animal shelter in Naples, Florida. You can give here.