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Hurricane Florence Update and Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Hurricane Florence

This morning, Hurricane Florence made landfall around Wilmington, NC. Current sustained winds are 85/90 MPH with gusts over 100 MPH. This storm has essentially stalled on the beach with the eyewall migrating back and forth over land and water. This will cause the storm to remain very dangerous throughout the rest of today and into tomorrow.

Catastrophic amounts of rain will be falling on North Carolina with up to two/three+ feet of rainfall within a 48-hour period. Additionally, there may be ocean storm surges up to 13 feet north of the storm’s center on the coast. If you have transportation related concerns in NC, please note that Hurricane Florence will most likely disrupt these operations (particularly in the southern portion NC) for weeks, not days. Please prepare accordingly. RIM logistics, ltd. professionals are doing everything possible to mitigate the impact of this storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people directly impacted by this event.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut

This super typhoon is impacting shipping concerns in Taiwan, Philippines and South China. Please note that this storm is currently impacting the Northern Philippines and is headed into the S China Sea. This storm is moving quickly with sustained winds of 160-180MPH. This is the strongest Typhoon of the season and could impact Hong Kong as soon early as Monday. The storm track is uncertain but it is clear that South China Sea shipping concerns will be impacted. A direct hit on Hong Kong could also have significant long term implications. We are keeping a close watch on the progress of this storm and will update you accordingly. Please expect some delays with air and ocean freight moving in this region.