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SOLAS, Dangerous Goods, and more…


RIM Updates:  SOLAS, Dangerous Goods, and more…


The container weight verification global requirement as outlined by the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) will begin being enforced as of July 1, 2016. This requirement mandates that exporters present and verify the weight of containers along with a person’s name before they are received at the load port/terminal and placed aboard ships.The shipper is responsible for ensuring that the verified gross mass is communicated in the shipping documents sufficiently in advance to be used by the ship’s master and the terminal to prepare the vessel stow plan. The VGM is a strict condition for loading a packed container on board a vessel, and the vessel operator and the terminal operator are required to use VGMs in preparing vessel stowage plans.  They are prohibited from loading a packed container aboard a vessel for export if the container does not have a VGM.

Due to this new requirement RIM has instituted a number of methods to communicate this information.

1.     Shippers may place the “SOLAS Certified Weight” on their shipping documents, such as the bill of lading as long as the document states that the weight is SOLAS certified, meaning that it will include the weight of the goods as well as the tare weight of the container.

2.    Shippers may supply RIM with the attached SOLAS weight form that will include all required data elements for the steamship lines.

3.    Shippers may request that RIM weigh the goods and include the tare weight.  Please note that there could potentially be a fee for this service depending on the circumstances.  Please be sure to communicate with your local RIM service representative for details.

RIM encourages all importers to communicate these requirements with your shippers to ensure that they are prepared to meet the exporting country requirements.  These regulations are global.

RIM logistics ltd. is aligned with our global partner network to ensure that we are prepared to provide the global shipper community with support as the effective date nears. We will continue to monitor and keep you informed of any development or feedback provided by the carriers, the International Maritime Organization or the Coast Guard in relation to the SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirements.


Dangerous Goods Update: Lithium Batteries

 New regulations became effective on April 01, 2016.  These regulations apply to air shipments of lithium batteries.  RIM has received questions from our shippers regarding these changes and therefore are reposing the information as a courtesy. It is important to note that all parties shipping commodities that include Dangerous Goods (to include batteries) must have completed the Dangerous Goods training based on that mode of transport.  In this case, the ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations training.   The amendments include:

Passenger Aircraft Ban for Lithium Ion Batteries: All shipments of lithium batteries without equipment are prohibited as cargo on passenger aircraft. As a result, all lithium ion battery shipments must display the Cargo Aircraft Only label. Due to UPS’s reliance on passenger aircraft to transport packages in some parts of its network, this change will restrict the origins and destinations available for lithium ion batteries. This limitation does not affect lithium ion batteries packed with or contained in equipment.

State of Charge Limits: A 30 percent state of charge (SOC) limit on lithium-ion cells and batteries, including Section II cells and batteries, will now apply. This does not apply to batteries packed with or contained in equipment.

Restrictions on Package Quantity: A shipper is not allowed to offer more than one Section II package (batteries only) per consignment.

Restrictions on Overpacks: Overpacks may contain no more than one Section II package – 8 cells or 2 batteries – (batteries only).

Battery Package Separation: A shipper must offer lithium battery shipments (batteries only) separately from other cargo.

The details are available at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website at:

 Terms and Conditions

RIM logistics, ltd. has updated Terms and conditions of contract.  These terms are available at are available upon request and are effective May 2, 2016.

 For questions or concerns, please contact your local RIM logistics representative.


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